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Commercial innovation

Sound by Design's audio and visual solutions will turn your commercial space into a collaborative workspace or interactive entertainment experience. The customized solutions we offer range from small conferencing to full commercial systems, working with spaces of all sizes.

Our solutions will meet your demands - from easy-to-use lighting & shade control, video walls, surround sound or projection systems. We are able to provide options that fit a wide variety of commercial services such as education, retail, offices and hospitality.

Let Sound by Design do the thinking for you or collaborate with our team to create the ultimate space you need. Each of our AV solutions will have a central hub to ensure an effortless user experience and to make it easier to identify any connectivity issues.

System design

At Sound by Design we design, sell and install audio and video systems in both new construction and existing buildings. Every commercial project is unique because no two businesses are the same. What sets us apart is our commitment to customizing your perfect system within your planned budget. Why settle for a standard system when you can have an exceptional system designed especially for your business?

control systems & automation

  • Distributed Audio & Video
  • Lighting & Shade Control
  • Brand Focused Control Interfaces

Networking & Wifi

  • Video Surveillance

Custom Spaces

  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Conference Rooms

System Design

With 15+ years in business and over 20 years in the field Sound By Design has the experience necessary to design control systems that are easy and reliable. We take pride in our training and consultative approach, providing us the opportunity to work with you to create your tailored system.

Networking & Wifi

Sound by Design's security solutions will seamlessly safeguard your commercial space from threats while providing you and your employees/customers with the peace of mind everyone is looking for.  The security solutions we offer vary depending on your needs, whether you require video monitoring or alarms we make the safety and security of your business our priority by offering custom security solutions.

control systems & automation

Every commercial business can benefit from an automation and control system that will allow you to manage many aspects of your space within a single interface.  From distributed audio and video to automatically adjusting lights to fit the time of day, we can give you control systems designed specifically for your needs.  We provide touch controls that are easy to implement and use, requiring  little to no training, while helping bring convenience and productivity to a new level.

distributed Audio & video
Giving you quality sound throughout your space. Every commercial business will benefit with distributed audio and media whether it's different music playing in every room or different sound levels to please all guests.
lighting & shade control

Sound by Design's lighting and shade control solutions allow for optimal control of light levels, in any environment. Use lighting and shade control for the perfect mood lighting in your restaurant or to maximize projector visibility in the conference room.

Brand Oriented Control interface

Without easy to use control interfaces the best AV gear in the world will be useless. We design and provide solutions that are easy to use specifically designed with your company branding in mind.

Custom spaces


Maximize the experience at your sports bar/restaurant with Sound by Design's audio and video and security solutions.  Entertain your customers with brilliant video and crisp clear audio while securing your establishment utilizing the expertise of our team.

For an industry that relies on customer satisfaction, having the right audio/video solutions mixed with security and networking features will keep your establishment miles ahead of the competition.

Our solutions for bars and restaurants include distributed audio and video along with the ability to include a video wall  - we can help ensure your patrons will have the best experience while watching major sporting and entertainment events.

The security solutions include CCTV implementation to capture live and manage recorded video, providing the most effective way to protect and monitor your business.

With major sporting and entertainment events streamed online, having a quality high-speed network is a major component to the overall experience.

conference rooms

Our Conference room solutions are built around each of our customer’s individual and unique corporate cultures.  We tailor our systems to recognize end user capabilities and usage requirements, ensuring their needs are met.  We focus on completely automated interfaces, with minimal setup times and intuitive system designs that can be used by all with little or no training required.

The corporate market is unique, your solutions revolve around collaboration and teamwork to make the company run smoothly.  At Sound by Design our experience equips us with optimal insight to assist you with increasing your business’s productivity.

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